Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Top 5: Baseball Movies

You can say what you want about's slow, the season is too long, its players are on steroids, etc. However, there is one thing I think everyone would have to admit...Baseball movies are the best kind of sports movies.

Paste ran a pretty cool story about baseball movies and it got me thinking about which ones are my favorites. So, here are my top 5.

5.) Little Big League

This one probably isn't on many people's list...but I watched it a ton growing up.

4.) Rookie of the Year

Two words...Funky Buttlovin'

3.) Bull Durham

If anyone tells you that "Field of Dreams" is the best Kevin Costner baseball movie I would politely tell them that Bull Durham is 100 times better. If anyone tells you that "For Love of the Game" is the best Kevin Costner baseball movie I would politely punch them in the face.

2.) The Sandlot

Great characters, quotable lines. It represents all the reasons why I love baseball.

1.) A League of Their Own

This is my favorite scene in any movie ever. Not just sports movie...all time movie.

Alright, I know I left out some classics...The Natural, Major League, etc. But that's why baseball movies are so great. Feel free to share any comments that may agree or disagree with my list.

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