Thursday, April 30, 2009

5 things I like and dislike these days...

I don't have a lot of time I need to cut it down.

* Like: Bulls vs. Celtics. This has been an outstanding series so far. 5 games, 3 of which have gone into OT. Game 6 is on at 8 on TNT. It will be worth watching, I promise.

* Dislike: Boombozz Taphouse. So Lautaro and I were all jacked up to go to this place on Tuesday, which they told us was they day they opened. We walked up there, noticed that it was packed and then noticed the sign on the door that said "Private Party." Well needless to say we were disappointed, but luckily Tuesday is 1/2 price pint night at Cumberland Brews. Still, not a good way to start for Boombozz.

* Like: Lacrosse. My little step-brother Ryan plays on the St. X lacrosse team, he's the youngest goalie on the varsity team, so he's paying his dues before he gets playing time next year. Needless to say I haven't made it out to a game since he doesn't get to play. Well, I decided I'd go to his game last night against rival Trinity. To sum was friggin' exciting. St. X was down 6-3 with like 3 mins to go, but then tied it up with under a minute to play. Finally, with 4 seconds left in sudden death OT, St. X scored to win it. Considering I didn't know anyone that was in the game and that I only barely know the rules of lacrosse...I was pretty pumped up...not nearly as excited as Ryan though.

* Like: The Derby. I am in full Derby mode right now. I realized yesterday that I don't actually attend many (if any) Derby events, but I still love this time of year. For me Derby is just taking it easy, celebrating Kentucky and having a few drinks with loved's the best.

* Dislike: Rain. I usually like rain...but don't you dare try to rain on my parade, Oaks and Derby. I am not happy when it rains on Derby weekend....and when I'm not happy, you run the risk of entering my rage cage. And you don't wanna be in my rage cage...cause it's a good way to die!

Just kiddin' I promise not to kill anyone. Enjoy your Thursdays everyone.

Song of the Day: Patsy Cline - Blue Moon of Kentucky
Beer of the Day: BBC - Bourbon Barrel Stout

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