Monday, April 06, 2009

Weekend Recap

How have you guys been? Good to hear.

So I decided to head to Charleston with Taylor's parents at the last minute last week...and even though I don't have many vacation days was well worth it.

Taylor had no idea we were coming and we were able to pull off a badass surprise on Wednesday afternoon. The look on her face when she saw us was priceless and that alone would have made the trip for me...luckily I got to spend the next four days with Taylor in Charleston as well.

We went to the beach, ate some good food, walked around Charleston...basically we just did whatever we was wonderful. Also, I got a few more chances to hang out with Taylor's new grad school friends and they all seem to be pretty cool folks.

As I've said before it's pretty cool to see Taylor's life in Charleston now and think about the fact that she's only been there for 9 months...she's adapted quite well I must say. I love to visit her and while I may not be able to make anymore visits anytime soon and it always makes me sad to tell her goodbye...I can rest easy knowing that she is comfortable in Charleston and that she'll be back home in about 10 days for the Avett Brothers concert in Danville...Woo!

**One more quick note, as if being away from Taylor and being back at work weren't enough to make me wish I was back in was 82 degrees and sunny when I left's like 35 with rain/snow in Louisville right now....No me gusta!

Here are a few more notes to re-cap my weekend:

* How bout those Lady Cards! UofL's women's b-ball team has advanced to the NCAA title game against UCONN on Tuesday! While there is no way in hell the Cards will beat the Huskies on Tuesday...The season the Cards have put together is one that will change the face of the program forever. GO CARDS!

* Speaking of NCAA title games, the Men's final is tonight with Michigan St. taking on UNC. I'm pulling for the Spartans in this one...mainly because I'm sick of hearing about Tyler Hansbrough. He's a good player, but I wish someone would let the media know that he's not even the best player on his own team. If Ty Lawson didn't play for UNC they'd be an Elite Eight team at best...if Hansbrough doesn't play for UNC there is a pretty good chance there still in the title game. That's all I'm saying.

* Baseball started last night with a big win for my Braves! Believe it or not I actually used to care as much about the Braves as I do UofL Basketball. Here's an awesome Braves commercial from my youth in honor of opening day.

* Another bummer about being back from Taylor's is the fact that I got rear ended yesterday. No worries, I'm ok and after a few stitches to the UofL wheel cover...Francisco is fine too...he's a bad ass!

That's all for today, have a good Monday everyone.

Song of the Day: The Redwalls - Build A Bridge
Beer of the Day: Founders - Red's Rye

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