Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...


* It's Derby Week, get excited.

* So before we get going too far, here is my Derby pick (based on name alone): Mr. Hot Stuff. How could I not put money on a horse named after me! HaHaHa...Ha...ha...I'm a loser.

* Some video has surfaced on Youtube from the Avett Brothers concert at Centre, here is "Pretty Girl from Cedar Lane":

The quality isn't great...but it's still pretty cool. There are about 5 more on Youtube.

* I'm absolutely pumped for tonight because Boombozz Taphouse is opening. Lautaro and I have been wondering what this place will be like and when it will open for quite some time, since it's about a block from our diggs. Here is the little bit of info I could find:
"Boombozz Pizza & Tap House will be a friendly neighborhood restaurant and bar proudly featuring mouthwatering award-winning pizza, pastas, calzones and salads. To quench your thirst it will offer a full bar complete with its selection of beers from around the world and 21 on tap. It will feature Kentucky’s first frosted bar top, an innovative design built into the bar to keep beverages cold."
I think it's safe to say that sounds pretty badass! I'll let you guys know how it is.

* So you want to know the difference between Kentucky and the rest of the world? Well as this week goes on...the party cranks up and work becomes laughter in the Bluegrass state. Everywhere else...it's just another week. For instance, schools in Louisville are closed on Friday for the Oaks and to prepare for the Derby on Saturday. However, at the College of Charleston Taylor has a final at 6 on Saturday night! Ugh, that's a tough thing to deal with for a Kentucky girl. Luckily, after that she'll be done with her first year of grad school! Woo-hoo, Way to go Taylor!

* Speaking of getting finished with school. Ben and Megan will both be finished with Law School in a few hours. Their last finals are tonight. Megan congrats, we knew you could do it. Ben congrats, we were pretty sure you could do it...and we were right.

* Other good news from a grad schooler...Will has been accepted into a language program this summer for 8 weeks in Berlin. Good Job Will!

* My favorite part about the Derby is the buzz that is created around town. I mean from Wednesday night till Sunday morning...there are boatloads of people everywhere in our great city. Bardstown road is always standstill with traffic, the restaurants are all jam packed, Michael Jordan is going to be here, limos are everywhere....it's just awesome. The amount of alcohol consumed in Louisville this week is something that no one should ever take the time to tally....just let it be.

* I feel like I had about 30 other things to talk about today...but I seem to have forgotten them all. I think it's safe to say that I've got a bad case of Derby-itis.

Have a great Tuesday ladies and gents!

Song of the Day: The Rolling Stones - Dead Flowers ("Makin' Bets on Kentucky Derby Day")
Beer of the Day: BBC - Altbier

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