Friday, April 24, 2009

Another Sign That I'm Getting Older...

So when I was in college, and even for about the 4 or 5 months after college, if I wanted to have fun I would get a group of friends together and we would play drinking games. We would drink a good deal of beers and then after the drinking games were over...we would play video games or invent some crazy game that involved the kind of thinking that can only be brought on after a few drinks.

Well a while a go it became obvious to me that as you get older...those kinds of activities are now only saved for special occasions. For a while I was unsure what 20 somethings did for fun besides meet up for a drink or two at a bar. Well, last night I figured it out...

They play trivia.

I was invited to play trivia with a group of friends last night and let me tell first instinct was to say, "Nah that's ok." But that's because in my mind I was picturing the lame BW3's trivia with the multiple choice questions and electronic boxes. I decided I'd go be social anyway, but once I showed up at Bearno's I quickly realized this was not your ordinary trivia game. Each table was a team and each round a guy would ask a question over a microphone and you then write down your team's answer on a piece of paper and run it up to the microphone man.

As the game went on last night our team kept dominating and by the night's end...our team, "Dunder Mifflin Infinity" came out trivia champions...which earned us a 50 dollar gift certificate to Bearno's.

I have to say...I had a really good time.

In my mind trivia was always a pretty lame thing to do. However, I didn't know what all went into it. Basically it was just a bunch of 20 and 30 somethings getting together to play a different type of "drinking game." I still love a good game of "Kings" or "Beer Pong" but it's also good to know that grown up drinking games are fun too. Also, $2 Sierra Nevada's didn't hurt either.

I guess it's a weekly thing now...because DMI is gonna have to go defend their title next week.

Have a great weekend everybody.

Song of the Weekend: Van Morrison - Wild Night
Beer of the Weekend: Sierra Nevada - Pale Ale

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