Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits


* Hey there's an election today. All of us over the age of 18, who are U.S. citizens get to go fill out a little scan-tron sheet and decide who not only gets to be the next president, but also gets to have his every move followed and watched for the next four years...with all of his mistakes being replayed over and over again...good times.

In all honesty though, being an American is great and being able to vote is a really awesome thing. I'm not going to tell you the importance of voting because Diddy has already threatened to kill everyone who doesn't...so if I were you I'd go vote.
* The Crapbags played like big bags of crap this week and got drilled. It's ok, we're still hanging on to the 4th and final playoff spot.

* Anyone watch the UofL football game this weekend? Well I did and I firmly will now say that I no longer want Steve Kragthorpe to be the head coach. I've flirted with the idea for a while and always gave him the benefit of the doubt...but you don't lose to Syracuse...twice...and then have your players say, "They were overconfident." What the hell has the UofL football team done under coach Kragthorpe to have any reason to be overconfident? I hate to be that kind of fan...but it's pretty clear this guy really doesn't have a clue. I mean you'd think as a head coach he could at least be able to count high enough to inform his offensive coordinator that running 5 yard out routs on 3rd and 8 doesn't pick up the first down...regardless of how many times you try it. UGGGGHHH!

* Saturday night Ben, Daniel, Lautaro, some stranger named Blade (hilarious), and myself departed from T.J's "bachelor party" and traveled down to the Outlook Inn for a Bloody Mary. If you've never had a Bloody Mary...try one of theirs. If you have had a Bloody Mary, try theirs and then cry because you've never tasted anything so good. It's the truth.

* I forgot to mention last week that the Phillies won the World Series! (did I mention it? I can't remember) Congrats to them, and to Dude...the only Phillies fan outside of Pennsylvania. Phill's second baseman Chase Utley is making headlines for his now infamous (MORE than famous) World Series Parade speech. Apparently he just got up to the microphone in front of thousands of Phillie's fans and said, "World...F***ing...Champions!" It was pretty impressive...but still the second best post-game comments from a Philly this post season:

I will never EVER listen to that clip and not laugh.

* So some of you probably don't know Samardo Samuels yet. Well he's the new bad ass who plays Center for UofL's b-ball team. Here is his picture:
If I were you I'd go HERE and read an awesome story about this young man. It really makes it tough not to root for someone like this...it also makes it tough to not love America and College sports for the chances they give so many under privileged kids. It's also tough to not bang your head against the nearest wall when thinking about what a waste Derrick Caracter is.

* By far the best costume I saw this weekend was the little kid who was dressed up as Kobayashi, the hot dog eating champion. It was even cooler because I guessed his costume and then he ran down the sidewalk jumping up and down...because someone actually knew who he was supposed to be.

* Lautaro and I have almost beat the new guitar hero...oh, how I love to waste time.

* Check out LoB's favorite cellist Ben Sollee's new song on his MySpace page. The song is called, "Only a Song" and it features none other than Mr. Jim James....also this song is wicked awesome.

I think that's all the tidbits I have for today...enjoy watching hours and hours of election coverage tonight!

Song of the Day: Ben Sollee - A Few Honest Words
Beer of the Day: Avery Brewing - Ale to the Chief

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