Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

That's right it's time. I'm actually about 10 days late with this post...but I've just been busy, and it was 70 degrees last week so it just wasn't working for me...but now it's time. It's time to start celebrating the greatest holiday in the ever....CHRISTMAS!!!

I know some people can't stand when Wal-Mart and Target start putting out Christmas decorations in the middle of October and well...I can't stand some people, so there!

For me, as soon as I take off my Halloween costume and go to bed, the next morning on November 1st is when it is officially time to start celebrating Christmas. Ol' Roy Lee and myself have actually thrown a party on November 1st the last two years, complete with a tree, yankee swap, pin the nose on Rudolph and other fun Christmas festivities.

I know some of you are sitting there thinking, "Come on Brian, it's still too early to celebrate this amazing Holiday, I mean what about Thanksgiving?

Well I love Thanksgiving, and in no way am I trying to take away from it's power, I'm simply trying to include it and make it one big holiday extravaganza. I mean when push comes to shove, if I don't start celebrating Christmas until after Thanksgiving is over....I'm not going to get to do everything that I want to do that's Christmas related.

For instance I have to watch Elf, Love Actually, Christmas Vacation and Home Alone all at least three times, not to mention the many other Christmas films I have to watch at least once. I have to make a new "Christ-mix" which is a CD I put out every year filled with Holiday favorites. I have to decorate my apartment, I've gotta shop and find great gifts for all of my loved ones, I've gotta take like 5 "Christmas naps", I've got to try to remain as calm as possible as Christmas gets closer and College basketball starts (I still don't know how I ever passed a fall semester final in college), I've gotta work on my Christmas list powerpoint presentation, I've gotta try at least 10 different Christmas ales, and this year...even though I've never done it before...I'm going caroling. ("Are you Carol singers? Please sir...Pleeeeaaassse" - Love Actually)

I mean you see, this is just a ridiculous time of year so to try to do all that in less than a month is clearly just not possible. So, that's why I celebrate Christmas throughout November and on into December. Plus, who's not dying to watch "Elf"? That movie is just great.

Also, for what it's worth....before you make fun of me and think my Christmas activities list is out of control....e-mail Roy Lee and ask him his...It'll make me look a little more sane...but not much.

Alright kids, there you have it...official Life of Brian approval to start celebrating Christmas...not that you needed it.

But, let me be the first this year to wish each and every one of you...A Very Merry Christmas!

Song of the Day: Dean Martin - Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow
Beer of the Day: Breckinridge - Christmas Ale

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Roy Lee said...

WHAT?!? It's Christmastime? Of course it is! In order to help my friend Brian sound a little more sane...I will confess I have already ordered a new Christmas CD, received it, and listened to it...a few times! Also, I have already watched Elf and The Polar Express once each. And while I have not put up any decorations yet (that is what this weekend is for) I have helped people in the Nevin apartment get a tree up, a Faux mantle, garland, and icicle lights...then I put on a snowflake cutting workshop. Okay, I didn't but since I get so much crap for my snowflakes, I threw it in...Also, just FYI - Matt is the only person I've ever known to make an asymmetrical snowflake. It is on display in the Smithsonian.