Thursday, November 13, 2008

10 Things I like and dislike these days...

So it's a lazy Thursday, I don't have any one thing to rant I'll give you a new installment of 10 things I like and dislike right now.

1.) Like - The Thursday T.V. lineup. Ever since "The O.C." went off the air, my heart has always been a bit sad whenever I turn on the television. For a long time there were no must see shows for me. However, things have changed the only three shows I watch all come on back to back to back on Thursday nights. "The Office, 30 Rock, Always Sunny in Philadelphia" triple shot from 9 - 10:30, has really made my Thursdays better as of late. Although, Always Sunny needs to step it up a bit...they've been slacking.

2.) Dislike - My Nose. Not the size or anything. But the fact that it's running ridiculous amounts of late. I hate it. I mean you can't really blow it and get the snot out of there you just have to like wipe it all the time and it is awful. On the plus side, when I plug a kleenex up there and stop the running there are few people in the world that look more attractive than I do.

3.) Dislike - Tom Jurich's interview on explaining the current state of Louisville Football. Basically he takes all the blame of Steve Kragthorpe and puts it on Bobby Petrino. He says that UofL fans are too new to the winning thing to realize that we can't go to the Orange bowl every year. Well first of all there aren't any bigger Jurich fans than me...I love the guy. But, I'm not asking you to win the Orange Bowl every year, I'm asking you to explain to me how the head coach of a football team is in no way responsible for guiding a team to a 6-6 record...a team that was fresh off an Orange Bowl, returning most of its starters, including a Heisman trophy candidate at QB. I'm not asking for a National Championship...but UofL has won 7 games before with a lot less talent.

4.) Like - The weather. I don't know about everyone else in the world...but as of right now the sun has hardly come out in Louisville for like 4 days. It's wet, it's cold, it's's awesome. I know everyone likes that bright sunny perfect day...well in my book it doesn't get much better than 45 degrees, cloudy with a chance of rain. Also, they're calling for snow this weekend...byahh!

5.) Like - The new post put up by Ben on the Brouha Blog. Music, Beer and Sports are three things that I really really enjoy, I spend a lot of time researching all three and I know a lot about all of them. When you're able to mix at least two together in a great way...well that just makes me a very happy camper. Also, Morrison Hotel rocks.

6.) Dislike - Working in the Kitchen at Brendan's. This one could easily be a like...but I decided to go dislike for one's HOT! The people there are nice, I'm learning a ton, it's great experience....but good lord is it hot. Plus, not only do I have to touch fish often (ewww) my hands are constantly covered with beer batter, and other shizz. Also, I had a waffle fry pop in the deep fryer and splash oil on my me a decent little burn which really just looks like a huge zit. Oh well, here's to the Brouha House having a good enough chef to keep my time in the kitchen to a minimum.

7.) Dislike - Haircuts. My hair is long and gross right I need a chop. But man do I hate getting my hair cut. Not even, Fritz's man salon is cool enough to make me stop hating haircuts. They never look good right away, I always get hair all over me and they're expensive as hell. Needless to say, I'm not looking forward to it.

8.) Like - Music from my youth. Last night, Lautaro and I somehow got talking about songs we used to love growing up. We then spent some time watching b-ball and reminiscing about how amazing Wyclef Jean and Timbaland and Magoo were. We both agreed that Magoo is superior to Timbaland and it's a shame Magoo is no longer heard from. Also, Wyclef's song with the Rock, "It Doesn't Matter" is bad ass.

9.) Dislike - Tyler Hansbrough's injury. He's a great player who came back for his senior year, he deserves to play. Also, he's supposed to be out for the UNC vs. UK game, that's crap.

10.) Like - Being out of school. Everywhere I turn I hear talks of papers and finals stacking up. It's stress city when looking at Facebook and seeing everyone's statuses. For once it feels good to be on the other side, no papers, no tests, just work 9-5. For the first time, I really prefer being out of college as opposed to in....I'm sure this feeling won't last very long.

There you go boys and girls, hope your Thursdays are enjoyable.

Song of the Day: Santana f/ Wyclef - Maria, Maria
Beer of the Day: Clipper City - Heavy Seas Peg Leg Stout

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