Friday, November 14, 2008


Since I usually don't blog on weekends, I have to talk about tomorrow today. The reason I am doing this is because tomorrow is no ordinary Saturday. Oh no, tomorrow in facts marks the four year anniversary for Taylor and me!

I was kind of unsure how to approach this topic on the blog, and I still am. I could easily sit here and talk about how great the last four years have been, recap some highlights, share a funny story or two, but I have decided to go a different way. Each and every day I talk about myself and what goes on in my life. I mention others and how they play into my life at times, but it's really a pretty conceded blog. So, today I'm gonna talk about Taylor. I'll give you some info about her, tell you some things she likes and even share an embarrassing thing or two (I can do this because since I talk to her often she doesn't read the blog all that much)

So, let's look into..
The Life of Taylor
I'm not going to go into details on personal stuff but I'll give you some good info...

- She is currently studying to get a Masters in English in South Carolina
- She has a cat named Otis, she will also talk to/pick up/want to keep every cat she sees.
- She's named after James Taylor and Bob Dylan (Her middle name is Dylan)
- She loves to watch terrible TV shows, "The Hills," "The Real Desperate Housewives" and "The Girls Next Door" are among her favorites.
- If you get her to drink a little a then you play any John Prine song...she'll cry.
- If the song, "Shout" comes on and you can't find's because she's on the ground doing the alligator (that's my girl)
- She loves Harry Potter and is going to TA a class on the books next semester
- When her boyfriend decided to transfer to the same school as her, she decided to study in Strasbourg, France for a semester....He was pretty sad, but thought it was a good joke in the end.
- She was a Tri-Delt in college and maybe the most dedicated greek member of all time.
- She will always let you know how she feels about something (One of my favorite things about her)
- Her karaoke rendition of Janis Joplin's Me and Bobby McGee can't be really just have to see it.
- She once used up an entire printer ink cartridge by printing off pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio
- She loves the UofL Cardinals (good thing otherwise we wouldn't date)
- She hates the Kentucky Wildcats (good thing otherwise we wouldn't date)
- She loves to dance
- She hates loud sneezes.
- She could eat an entire angel food cake...and has before.
- One time she accidentally took a sip of my Root Beer at Wendy's and I thought she was going to vomit. I soon found out that Root Beer is not her favorite soft drink.
- She talks in her sleep.
- She can wiggle her ears and roll her stomach
- She thinks I'm so funny at times that she often forgets to laugh.
- She LOVES the color pink.
- She wears a jacket often when it's above 75 degrees.
- She has a wonderful laugh
- She still sleeps with her blanket from when she was little
- She's coming home for Thanksgiving a week from Tuesday!
- She loves all kinds of music, but also really loves a good dose of DMX, Ludacris or Missy Elliot
- Barack Obama is as important to her as Rick Pitino is to me
- Her favorite food very well maybe pickles
- She can make a sad face that will pretty much get me to give her whatever she wants (She is aware of this ability)
- She knows every word to the movie "Mean Girls"
- I'm a happier/better/more fun person when she is around me.
- Her boyfriend is a flat out stud.
- She is great at putting up with my nonsense/childish tendencies
- All in all she is a wonderful gal, and I feel lucky and fortunate to call her mine.

Well there you go kids, a look into the life of Taylor while also getting a look at the softer side of Brian. Now after getting in touch with my feelings and expressing my love for my girlfriend I'm off to eat red meat, drink beer, watch football, punch people, scratch myself and belch (Those are man things right?)

Have a great weekend all.

Song of the Day: The Beatles - I've Just Seen a Face
Beer of the Day: Palmetto Amber


Doug said...

Really nice post Brian. I liked it a lot. I bet Taylor will love it. You don't have to publish this comment, but as your high school (and occasionally college)homework paper editor, I have to point out that you are "conceited", not "conceded". But I still love you.

Doug said...

How tender-love it, Michele