Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I bet you were expecting some Tidbits weren't ya? Well I'm sorry to say that the blog may be a bit slow this week as I am in Chicago on a Brewpub business trip...not a drinking trip...an actual business trip. But, I do have Internet so the chances of a post aren't totally out of the question...It's just going to depend on how much time I have. But anyway I just wanted to let everyone know so they could try to go about their lives as normal as possible. I'll post if I can, but I might be too busy being a professional adult. Anyway, I'll be gone all week...but I'll throw you at least a tidbit every once in a while. Take care readers, I'm off to explore the town a bit.

Also, that whole "Windy City" nickname...they weren't lying. The windchill is at about 18 right now.

Song of the unknown time period: Frank Sinatra - Chicago(My Kind of Town)
Beer of the unknown time period: Goose Island - 312

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