Monday, November 17, 2008

You're about to become worthless...

If you have anything you need to get accomplished in the next three days...stop reading this right now. I'm serious...any papers, tests, presentations, meetings, sleep...will not happen if you keep reading.

Alright, now then.

I found the COOLEST website ever the other day. It's called and it's crazy awesome. Basically it's an online trivia game that will quiz you about everything from the Presidents to Will Smith movies to the periodic table.

Just choose one of the games (you can sort them by category by clicking one on the side: sports, movies, music, etc.) and then you get a certain amount of time to type in all the answers. If you can't think of them can click "give up" by the timer to reveal the answers and end the game.

It's really pretty cool to see what you know. For instance, I was able to guess all the college teams in the BCS conferences (don't forget Depaul...I almost did), I named all the Beatles albums in about 25 seconds, I knew the names of several 1990's one hit wonders and I knew every character from South Park and the Office. While those are obviously things to be proud of...I also was able to name all but 6 presidents, all the state capitals, all but a handful of European countries, as well as 20 of the 25 most populous cities in America.

It's pretty crazy how obsessed I became with this game. You can't play just one or two either because then you see another game that catches your eye and then you have to prove to yourself that you can name every movie Matt Damon has been's a vicious cycle.

So yeah, give it a try for yourself and thank me later when everything you had planned to accomplish the next 3 days simply doesn't get finished.

Also, EPSN is kicking off the college b-ball season tonight with a 24-hour basketball marathon. It starts tonight at midnight with UMASS @ Memphis and goes through tomorrow with like 14 live games. The day of fun will also include the UK vs. UNC game, tomorrow at 9. The good news for UK fans is that returning player of the year Tyler Hansbrough is out for the Tar Heels The bad news? I would imagine that even without Psycho T, UNC would still be heavily favored in a game against VMI. (I really tried to resist Cat fans...but I couldn't. You can tell all the UofL football jokes you want)

Have a good day people.

Song of the Day: James Brown - Cold Sweat
Beer of the Day: New Holland - Night Tripper

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