Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Tidbits...

I know it's weird...just roll with it.

* First off, I want to apologize for yesterday. I actually had a pretty nasty virus on my computer and it took pretty much the whole day to get it fixed. For the record, if you type "Independence and Probability" into google and then click on the wikipedia page, prepare for a virus. I'm not sure how that gave me a virus, but it's fixed and that's all that matters.

* Also, my midterms are over! Woo! I actually have a take home one to do tonight, but it's pretty easy and it will allow me to participate in one of my favorite pastimes...drinking beer while taking a test! Woo! School is awesome!

* Speaking of awesome, how about this weather, Louisville? Pretty amazing stuff. For those of you not here, it's about 69 degrees and sunny.

* So, you know what you should do on this gorgeous day? Sit inside and watch basketball!
Honestly, you can do what I do...which is open your windows (or in my case doors to my porch) and watch basketball. It's awesome. But really though, is there anything better then basketball during the (week) day? No, there isn't.

* Anyone else getting in the St. Paddy's Spirit? Apparently you can get a growler full of Guinness at Value Market, so that's cool. Also, I love St. Paddy's day.

* With the wedding just around the corner, Taylor and I talk often about our future home and what we will put in it. Sadly, she doesn't find all of my pieces of sports memorabilia, Beatles dolls, Keg-o-rator and drum set as things that should go in the living room. So, we've decided that I'll get a room, basement or garage to myself...basically, a man cave. With that in mind, I was surfing ebay recently and found this magnet for the keg-o-rator:
Totally awesome huh? For those of you that can't see, it's a cave man running out of the cave, which has a dart board, while wearing a UofL garment, holding a beer and spinning a basketball. There's also a grill involved....and what looks to be a dinosaur.

* Here's a cool picture of Freedom Hall that I ganked from the UofL website:
* Daylight savings time is this weekend which means we lose an hour of sleep. I hate springing forward.

* Broken Bells released their cd yesterday. Broken Bells is the group made up of DJ Danger Mouse and James Mercer (singer for the Shins). It's a pretty bangin' album.

That's all I have for today, I'll try to do better tomorrow. Until next time....

Goodnight Canada.

Song of the Day: Broken Bells - High Road

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