Friday, March 26, 2010

Stocking My Bar...

For most of my adult life, I've enjoyed the occasional drink or two. Over the last year or so I've really expanded my horizons and I've developed a good appreciation for fine liquor....especially bourbon. The problem is that I don't make a lot of money. As a result, I tend to be cheaper liquor and I only buy it as needed. However, with this past Christmas and my recent birthday my bar is looking more and do you say it....bad ass!

For Christmas I added a nice bottle of Woodford Reserve courtesy of Taylor's Parents
While Woodford isn't my favorite bourbon, it's very good and I enjoy it quite a bit. Also, the bottle came with a horse bottle stopper.

Also for Christmas I received a bottle of Four Roses Small Batch from my Mom.
Four Roses is my favorite bourbon and the small batch, which I hadn't had until this bottle, is fantastic. Extremely smooth and delicious.

When my birthday rolled around, I didn't know what to ask for...but booze always makes a good gift.

Ben and Megs gave me a bottle of Basil Hayden's
I've tried this before, but never owned a bottle. It is one of my favorite bourbon's for sure though. In addition, I love the bottle and the fact that this bourbon was first made when Kentucky, as a state, was 4 years old and George Washington was president.

Finally, as a final birthday gift, my dad gave me a bottle of Four Roses Single Barrel.
I haven't tried this one yet, but it's on my immediate things to do list for this weekend. My mouth waters a bit just looking at it.

In addition to these four, My mom also gave me this UofL decanter for my birthday
It fits the collection nicely.

So, while I'm not bourbon expert by any means...I like bourbon a lot and I've been wanting to stock my bar with a good selection of bourbon for some time. Luckily, thanks to good gift givers, I've finally been able to stock my bar like an adult. Don't worry though, there's always room for some Very Old Barton and Kentucky Gentleman on my shelf.

Also, the top shelf of my desk, which used to be full of CDs, proved to be a good spot for my "private stock."

Have a good weekend everyone. Cheers!

Song of the Day: Billy Blues - Water, Wood and Corn

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