Wednesday, March 24, 2010

101 Small Pleasures You Can Enjoy Everyday....

On the front page of yahoo they had a link to an article called, "101 small pleasures you can enjoy every day."

I'm always interested in these kinds of lists because they are often absurd and ridiculous. So, I read the list while keeping in mind that these are things I can do for a bit of enjoyment...every single day.

When taking that approach, the list becomes hilarious. Let's take a look:

5.) the first daffodils of spring
- I'm sure that is nice, but I bet it's tough to enjoy in October.

11.) the way babies smell
- Hmmm...what if you don't have any kids who are babies? Or any sort of access to a baby? Do they make baby air fresheners? I'm lost on how to enjoy this one everyday without looking like a creep.

15.) finding a couple forgotten dollars in your pocket
- When this happens it is totally awesome. However, if every day you reach in your pocket and find some money you forgot about, you might want to go to the doctor because as it turns're kinda stupid.

20.) playing hookey
- I actually thought that said "hockey" the first time I read it. Still, hookey every day? I think that means you're unemployed...or will be soon.

28.) old fashioned photo booths
- What? I don't even really know what to say to that one...unless you own an old fashioned photo booth.

32.) rainy afternoons
- I love rainy afternoons. However, in Louisville today there is a 0 percent chance of rain. Hard to enjoy this one today.

43.) The Beatles
- True

47.) staying in your pj's all day
- Every day? Just like the hookey one...unemployed or soon to be.

59.) sunshine
- What!?!? How am I supposed to enjoy sunshine and rainy afternoons each and every day. This list is bull shit.

70.) the perfect taco
- Hahaha. That should just read...eating a taco. They're all perfect.

76.) the smell of gasoline
- Whoever made this list has issues.

86.) reading your child a bedtime story
- Again, no kids and no access to kids.

101.) bacon and pancakes cooking on Saturday morning
- Haha, save the best for last. Good luck enjoying that one on the other 6 days of the week.

I realize that before the article starts it says that you shouldn't enjoy these all in the same day, but if you're going to make that statement wouldn't you change the title? Plus, pretending to do all those in one day makes it much more hilarious. The should have called it, "101 small pleasures you can enjoy every day if you are a forgetful, lazy, unemployed, taco-loving, gas huffing, creepster who hangs out with other people's kids....and love the Beatles.

I got a pretty good kick out of that list...I'm not gonna lie.

Song of the Day: Black Keys - I've Got Mine

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