Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits...

It's Me Mario...I'ma gonna wiiin!

* Check out who stopped by my local guitar shop the other day:
Yup, Mr. Yim Yames his self paid a visit to Mick and the other folks at Steilberg String Instruments. One of the biggest bummers about starting grad school is that I don't have time to take lessons anymore and as a result, don't get to head to Steilberg's as often. Still, pretty cool that Yim stopped in.

* In addition to the fine bourbon that I blogged about on Friday, Lautaro has also recently picked up a bottle of Jefferson's:
I haven't tried it yet, but the bottle is cool. Man, we've got bourbon out the wazoo.

* The New Jersey Nets won their 10th game of the season last night, meaning they will not be known as the worst team in NBA history. They've actually been decent this past month and much of that is credited to the outstanding play of their rookie Terrence Williams. Seriously, T-Will's playin' like a bad ass this month...his future is bright.

* We've all had bad days...but I think this chick just experienced one of the worst days ever:

I mean seriously, it's bad enough to miss a shot that could send your team to the final four...but to miss a wide open layup...twice...that's what we call "choking." Still, gotta feel bad for her.

* It's always lame when College Basketball comes to an end, but it does allow me to relax a bit and focus on some of my other hobbies, such as music. Luckily, this spring we'll get hit with some new albums from some outstanding artists...check it:
4/16 - Dr. Dog
5/4 - New Pornographers
5/4 - Big Boi
5/11 - The National
5/18 - Band of Horses
5/18 - The Black Keys
I will but all of those, it will be awesome.

* There are few things I hate more than the NFL draft. I mean honestly, it's still like 3 weeks away...who cares?

* Tuesday's are not super exciting.

That's all I have for today. Have a good one!

Song of the Day: The Whigs - Right Hand On My Heart

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