Monday, March 22, 2010

Back to Reality...

That was me last was nice.

The past week was great. While not as rambunctious or wild as Spring Breaks of the past, it was great to not only visit Taylor, but also hang out with Will and Danielle. Here is a list-style recap of the past week.

* Charleston has nice weather this time of year

* I got new shoes

* Bat Fight

* I feel like I gained about 15 pounds last week, lots of good food.

* UofL lost on my was lame.

* I ate a bacon, chili, cheese burger on my was not lame.

* Taylor gave me a cool beer stein.

* The Beach is awesome.

* I'm not so good at the new Fifa

* meat sale

* We successfully made "Can't Hardly Wait" and "Mean Girls" drinking games. Two fantastic movies.

* I've had Jamison before, but I never really realized how delicious it was until this past week.

* How crazy is this NCAA tourney? You gotta pull for St. Mary's, No. Iowa and Cornell...especially Cornell.

* Who's chair is that? Not my chair...No way.

Some of those things are inside jokes. I'll explain in person if you care.

It was a bummer to head back to the normal grind, but things are about to get crazy. I have more than 3x the amount of projects and papers due in the next month than I had the entire semester so far. Also, I'll be done with my first semester of Grad School in 36 days. Also, Taylor moves home in less than 2 months! Crazy awesome things are going on!

Enjoy your Mondays.

Song of the Day: Blink 182 - Dammit

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