Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Recap

Good Monday blog readers, how were your weekends? Restful I hope.

Here's a recap of mine.

The biggest thing about this weekend was my GRE test. I laid low Friday night and studied and such. Then, I awoke on Saturday ready to roll. I got to the testing site a little early and was able to go on in and start my test. While I felt I was doing well the whole time I was bothered by two things: The heat and the annoying lady next to me. Honestly I think it was 85 degrees in that room, I was sweating from the get go. Then, a lady sits down at the cube next to me and proceeds to "whisper/read" all of the directions and questions out loud. Plus, she would groan and such whenever she was faced with a question that made her think...which was all of them. They give you these mega noise cancelling earphone things to block out the sound...but those made me sweat even more. Needless to say, I had some distractions.

The good news is that, even with those distractions, I still got a good score on the test. I surpassed the score needed to get into the Sports Admin. program and I missed my "goal" score by a measly 10 points. So, things are looking up in regards to grad school.

So with the GRE out of the way I went about the rest of my Saturday as a free man...which meant hours and hours of Beatles rock band.

Lautaro was at his dad's so I knew I would have to tackle Beatles Rock Band I stopped at the Doo Wop Shop and bought a microphone stand so I could sing and play guitar at the same time (because I'm a total stud and I'm not dorky at all). Then I proceeded to go home and drink beer while beating Beatles Rock Band! Yup 45 songs, all sung by me at the top of my lungs...alone. I'm awesome. For the record, Beatles Rock Band is amazing!

Later on Saturday I went to my Mom's with Ben and Megs for some Chili and UofL football. The Chili was good, the football was awful. Steve Kragthorpe is a moron.

After a long awesome Saturday I headed to the Marra family reunion on Sunday with my mom. Family reunions are generally lame, but I always have fun at this one and yesterday was not any different.

So, now it's on to another week and as we move into October there is a lot on the horizon:

* Dude and Melissa's wedding this weekend, which will be made especially awesome for me because Ben and I get to play guitar at the wedding. It's our first gig.

* Wedding planning. Taylor and I are doing as much as we can via the phone route. Luckily she'll be in town in a few weeks to scope out some venues. Holy Crap, I'm getting married! It's pretty awesome.

* Finishing my grad school application

* Getting ready for Centre homecoming

* Celebrating Sherwood Forest's 1 year anniversary

* Enjoying the fall (today is gorgeous in Louisville)

So yeah, lots of busy and fun times in the near future. Glad the GRE is out of the way and looking forward to seeing some close friends and loved ones in the coming weeks.

Woo-hoo Fall!

Also, no more GRE Words of the Day! Back to Beers of the Day instead, all is right with the world!

Song of the Day: Josh Ritter - To The Dogs or Whoever
Beer of the Day: O'Fallon - Pumpkin Ale


Jake H. said...

I too have played Beatles Rock Band alone while
drinking beer after a long day, but instead of the fancy mic stand you're rocking, I strapped the microphone to the end of our broom via electrical tape and jimmied it into the side of the couch so I could play and sing at the same time.

Fun was had.

Congratulations on having the GRE behind you.

Brian said...

Haha, you win...that's a much cooler way to play.