Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Facts

I'm a man, I'm 40! I'm not a kid!!! So you better get your facts straight!

* Today is the longest day ever. Usually the hours after lunch on Friday are the longest of the week, the weekend just can't come soon enough. Well, today is the worst...I feel like I ate lunch about 15 hours ago.

* Steve Nash is hilarious.

*Today's weather in Louisville is fan-spankin'-tastic. It's overcast, it's cool, it's kinda's my kind of day.

* The GRE officially sucks. I haven't minded the whole studying thing so far because I've been able to just kind of take it easy. However, I've been making a big push since I've been back from vacation and as it turns is not fun. I just want to take the stupid test and be finished. Bring it GRE!

* The fact that I haven't been able to buy the Beatles Rock Band is starting to get to me. I keep seeing commercials and such for it and it's terrible. I mean in all honesty, I think that game was made just for me. Let it be known that next Sunday (after the GRE) will be an all day Beatle fest at Sherwood forest.

* Monsters of Folk is probably the best album of the year. I can't officially give it the crown because I don't own it yet, I've just been streaming it on Myspace. However, the album is's a masterpiece. Everyone should go buy it on Tuesday.

* The Office was hilarious last night. Andy was the highlight for me, but Michael's face and reaction when he takes the call from Stanley's wife was pretty good.

* Always Sunny was great...but weird. It said on my TV that Always Sunny was going to be an hour long last night, that had me excited. However, after 30 mins the show ended and some strange adult cartoon came was disappointing. Luckily, Charlie's talk about filibusters and bird law was I didn't mind the weird cartoon.

* Tomorrow may not be the best day UofL fans have ever experienced. It might get a hurry. However, this is no way means I won't be cheering for my Cards. I'll be cheering my heart out...I just don't have high hopes. All those little whiny UofL "fans" that are rooting for UK so Krags will be fired...well, you're pathetic and I hate you for does your mother.

* One last thing, if you're a UK fan and you insist on talking smack about the game, do me a favor...get creative! I saw this facebook status earlier this week, "there is several bus loads of cat food being delivered to commonwealth stadium for the lunch buffet on Sat @ noon!!" Huh? I think this person was implying that UK is going to eat us for lunch on Saturday...but it could have been conveyed in a better way (not to mention a more grammatically correct way). But yeah, it's fine if you trash talk...but use some creativity....that's all I ask.

That's all for today gang. Have a great weekend.

Go Cards!

Song of the Day: Phantom Planet - Anthem
GRE Word: Fawn - To seek favor or attention

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