Monday, September 14, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Life of Brian

So yeah, I'm back from the beach and I'm all tan and rested and... be married!

Yup yup, last Saturday at Pawleys I proposed to Taylor and she accepted (Thankfully, otherwise the rest of the trip would have been awkward).

Now I get to come back home and share the good news with everyone and answer questions about how I did it and if I was nervous and how long I'd been thinking about it and so on. So now, I'll try to fill you guys in as much as possible.

I had been thinking about proposing to Taylor for some time, I knew how much we loved each other, I knew how comfortable we were with each other and I knew that she was the only girl for me. So, a few weeks ago I decided to share the news with my immediate family and then go on over to her parents house and ask permission. Everyone was excited and everyone was extremely happy for the decision I had made, which was great.

I had saved up some money for a ring and a few weekends ago I purchased a nice ring from a friendly jeweler and that was that. (Here's a picture because people keep asking Taylor and me about it)

The biggest problem in the whole development was that I had to keep all of this a secret for about 2 weeks. When going through all of this I can say I was rarely nervous, but often anxious. There is a lot of pressure on the guy during the whole proposal thing, but the excitement that follows is well worth the bits of anxiety and nervousness.

Now then, we got to Charleston on Thursday and I had decided I wanted to propose at the beach, so I'd have to wait until Saturday. So Taylor's parents and I kept our mouths shut Thursday, Friday and most of Saturday as I waited for the right time. We got to the beach on Saturday and decided we'd order pizza for dinner, which was supposed to arrive at 6:45. I thought it would be perfect timing to eat with everyone and then head for a sunset walk on the beach after dinner (thus avoiding the whole, "Will you marry me? Now let's go eat some pizza" situation). However, the damn pizza didn't arrive until 5 minutes til 8. It was dark by the time we were finished, so I began to think that I'd have to wait until Sunday. However, soon a big full moon popped up over the ocean and I grabbed a flashlight and Taylor and I headed out to the beach. We walked and talked for a bit and then I cheesed it all up by telling her I needed to get seashells for something. She shined the light on the sand as we walked and then I bent down to grab "something" and told her to shine the light on it. Boo-Yah! Engaged!

The story was much less smooth in reality, I was pretty nervous. And while the whole "looking for seashells" story is a bit cheesy, I had to do it...if it weren't for Taylor understanding my need to be cheesy/goofy we would have broken up long ago.

So yeah, now we're engaged and we get to plan the wedding. This is cool for a few reasons. 1.) We get to plan a friggin' wedding! A big time party with our family and friends to dance and drink and celebrate our marriage! What could be more fun? 2.) Ben and Megs, Dude and Melissa, Dan and Jess, Jake and Leslie, etc. We have quite a few friends and fam who are either newly wed or engaged, so we get to pick their brains for info and suggestions. 3.) There is going to be a whole new part of my life to blog about! This won't turn into a wedding blog by any means, but when decisions are made I'll be sure to let you know...and as it turns out, there are lots of decisions to be made.

All I can say about the whole thing is that I'm extremely excited. When it comes down to it, Taylor is my best friend and knowing that she'll be mine forever is something that will put a smile on my face regardless of what else is happening in my life.

The next few months are going to be crazy, exciting and awesome as we get deeper and deeper into the many decisions that go into planning a wedding. I'll keep you guys posted as much as possible. It's gonna be fun!

Song of the Day: The Platters - With This Ring
GRE Word: Impecunious - penniless, poor

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Melissa said...

Yeah! We're so happy for you guys! My best advice? Decide on a few things that are important to both of you and make sure you get what you want in those areas. Also, don't let it consume you or your relationship, and, most importantly, HAVE FUN!