Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Used To Have Awesome Hair...

We all know that I hate haircuts. But, remember the time I went over a year without one?

I was looking at some pictures last night and I stumbled across some from the Fall of my Junior year of college. For whatever reason, I just kinda let my hair grow that summer and by the time school came around...I looked like a total bad ass!

Here are some pictures to help remind us all of how cool my hair was...

*NOTE: These are from college and as most of you don't take many pictures when you're sober in college.
Seriously, look at that hair?

Not even a hat could contain it.

Not really sure why I'm breaking that rod over my head...but look at the hair!

This was taken during an activity in college known as "Dammit-ing" it was much cooler with such kick-ass hair.

Head banging is fun anytime...but it's even more fun when you've got locks like those.

The reason I wanted to talk about this today is because looking at all of these pictures makes me a bit sad. No not because I looked so creepy, but because I'll never be able to grow my hair out like that again. I never really made a decision to grow my hair like that, I just did it because I wanted to...and because I could. College was great for things like that, just doing something because you can. It's what I miss most about my time at college.

Also, no picture will ever portray the "only in college" feeling more than this one:
That's when I was in a mustache contest for charity. I came in second to a guy with no mustache...but a nice mullet. It was rigged.

Just for the hell of it, here are the runners up for the "Only in College" award:
The Sea Captain!

The Doc Holiday
(Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), my mustache is really red/blonde...otherwise I'd have a stache like this at all times.)

That was me inducting the new members of our fake fraternity...and wearing the awesome dress thing that Will brought me back from India. V-V-Bounce!

Those were the days...

Song of the Day: The Beatles - Come Together
GRE Word: Rarefy - To make or become thin

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