Thursday, September 17, 2009

End of the Decade lists...

I'm not in a very bloggin' mood today.

However, it came to my attention that the end of the decade is rapidly approaching! How crazy is that? 10 whole years in the 2000s. I for one was expecting flying cars by now.

Anyway, I want to start thinking about top10 lists for the decade. I'll probably start doing them in November or so, but I want to start thinking about them now.

Here are the ones that I have so far:

Best TV shows:
Best Albums:
Best Movies:
Best Sports Moments:
Best Moments in The Life of Brian:
Best Inventions:

So now here's the deal...I want you guys to share any ideas you have for other categories. Then, I'll post like 2 a week or something and I want you guys to share your top 10 as well. I'm just curious to see what music, movies, etc. will be remembered the most from this decade.

Also, here's a fun fact for this decade...when it began I was in the 8th I'm out of college and engaged! Crazy what can happen in 10 years time.

So yeah, just start thinking about categories and your personal top 10s for each of the ones above. I'll share all suggestions with everyone and then we'll have a killer end of the decade celebration.

Also also also, don't forget that The Office and Always Sunny in Philadelphia premiere tonight.

Take care gang.

Song of the Day: VHS or Beta - She Said
GRE Word: Occlude - To close or shut off; to obstruct

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Wilhelm von Rall said...

Best invention?

iPod. Hands down.