Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday gang, you guys doing well? Good to hear.

Overall my weekend was pretty good. Here are the highlights.

* Yes the Cards failed once again to beat the Cats in football. I went in the game not thinking we'd even come close and I had hopes that no matter the outcome...I'd still be in an ok mood. I was wrong. The problem was that we actually played better than UK. We made big plays on defense, we showed emotion, we were flying around the field. However, we have a coach who continues to do things that are inexcusable. a 4th and 1 option pitch to the back up running the short side of the field? Boo! Wasting timeout after! But here is the thing that really bothered me, Victor Anderson ran the ball 19 times and ended up with 110 yards and a TD...he was unstoppable. Bilal Powell ran the ball 7 less times for 108 less yards....yup 12 rushes for 2 yards...TWO! So on our last drive, WHY THE HELL WAS BILAL STILL GETTING THE BALL? I firmly believe that if you gave me the playbook (or anyone who has played Madden more than twice) UofL wins that game by 2 TDs.

But hey, I thought we were going to get drilled by 30+, so I'm more optimistic about the rest of the season then I was before.

* The rest of my weekend was spent studying GRE crap. I had to pass on a chance to hang with some good friends in Lexington, but I did get a lot accomplished on the GRE front and after Saturday all of this garbage will be over and done!

* Here is a list of other activities that occurred this weekend:

- Practiced Guitar with Ben for Dude and Melissa's wedding...we're starting to sound pretty good.

- Made some Chili last night. They didn't have my usual Chili seasoning so I went with a different brand and I got "hot" instead of medium. Also I had to use Busch light instead of PBR. It actually turned out to be pretty good, the hotness really kicked it up a bit. I'll have to have another bowl before I decide if it's better than the other recipe.

- Watched the series premiere of "Bored to Death" which stars Jason Schwartzman and Zach Galifianakis. It was pretty good. I think you can download the episode for free off i-tunes right's worth 30mins of your time. Also, Ted Danson is on the show and he's hilarious.

- Witnessed Frank Gore and Andre Johnson be awesome at football.

- Saw a gusto-less Tom Brady for the first time ever.

- Still refrained from buying Beatles Rock Band...although it was very very close.

- Determined that the weird fish smell in our apartment is coming from either the "Falls City" or the "Old Style" beer light.

- Played sand volleyball in the pouring down rain.

- Ate Qdoba 3 cheese chicken nachos and got annoyed with the massive amount of teenagers that loiter in front of Ear X-Tacy.

So yeah, overall...a decent weekend.

Song of the Day: The Avett Brothers - Gimmeakiss
GRE Word: Tyro - Beginner; person lacking experience in a specific endeavor

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