Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I Don't Know Why You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello....

I promised you big blog news and here it is...

This blog as you know shutting down.

1st of all, this is not an April Fools joke. 2nd, I'm still going to blog...I'm just going to switch sites and change a few things about the way the blog operates.

Now lets catch our breath, because everything is going to be ok.

The biggest change is that I'm switching to "Tumblr" which is just another blogging "Blogger." The reason I've decided to go with Tumblr is because it's a lot easier to use. It formats most things for you and it has better, more helpful templates for posting. I think it will be a good move.

Now then, I'm sure some of you may be wondering what prompted the change and such? Well, many things, actually.

For starters, I was unhappy with where the blog was heading. With the blog's second birthday coming up...I just felt stuck. I wasn't enjoying posting, I couldn't figure out the best way to shake things up and quite started to feel like a chore that I had to complete every day. I'm sure some of you felt the same, the lack of production and enthusiasm on my end was probably clear.

Further, when I started this blog...I really didn't have much going on. I was unsure what I wanted to do with my life, My girlfriend and many of my friends had moved away, and I just wanted to write a blog, not only to keep in touch with them...but also because I was bored and writing to you guys was a way of entertaining myself. Taylor's back now, I'm in grad school, I'm getting free time is simply just running out.

Finally, I've been pretty open about myself and my feelings on this blog. While I have loved sharing my thoughts and such with you's probably time to keep my mouth shut...just a bit. Since I'll be applying for jobs in the near future...I figured I should watch my mouth a bit more and make sure I don't blog about anything that could get me in trouble down the road.

I had all of these things going through my head and I thought...maybe I'll just stop blogging all together? Well, that's just not gonna happen. Not only have our visitor numbers been at an all time high the last few months (I still don't understand that), but also...I still have things I want to share with you guys. So, since I still planned on blogging...I figured it would be better to start fresh with a new blog instead of trying to change this one.

Now, with the new blog will come new things...some bad...some good. So, now we'll play a little, "good news...bad news" and talk about the new blog.

Bad news: The standard Monday through Friday blog post that you guys have come to expect will not be making the trip to the new blog.

Good news: This now opens up the option for multi-post days and posts on weekends. Often, I'll find a good tidbit or youtube video...or I'll have a good idea for a blog post, but I will wait to post them because I want to save them for Tuesdays or I have something else I want to blog about that day. Well, that's not gonna happen anymore. If I find something I want to's going up. If I think of something I want to rant about...I'm gonna get on the blog and rant. While there may be days that I don't say anything (I imagine I'll post something most days, though), there will also be many days where I post multiple times.

Bad News: Tuesday Tidbits will not be making the trip either.

Good News: I'll be posting videos and pictures all the time! Not just Tuesdays...All days! Plus, tumblr allows for MP3 streams...making it easier to post music!

Bad News: It's the end of an era. No matter how you shake it...the blog will never be the same. It may end up being better, but it is going to be different. I've had a blast writing this blog the past two years and I've appreciated all of the comments and kind words that people have posted or said to me in person. This blog has been a place for me to vent, celebrate, talk things out, laugh, cry, etc. and I have to say...I'm a lot sadder than I thought I would be as I type my final post on this particular blog. Thanks again for reading and I hope you make it over to the new blog.

Good News: The new blog will still be similar. It will have a similar look and I will still be writing it. Plus, it looks classier and is much easier for me to use. Most importantly, I'm excited. Like I said above...I haven't really enjoyed blogging for quite some time now. But, with this change...I'm energized and eager to get to blogging.

Now then, without further ado...I hope you guys will all make the move with I give you:


Thanks again for a wonderful two years. I look forward to blogging to you guys on the new site.

Have a good one!

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Benjamin said...

I had forgotten about the race to 50 fans. That was pretty awesome.

I'll be reading the new blog for sure!