Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits...

Shaz Bagle....

* Tonight is the season finale of Parenthood. If I were you, I'd go to hulu.com and start watching all the episodes from this season right now. You won't be able to watch them all before 10:00, but you'd be a better person...and you could watch tonight's episode tomorrow.

* Speaking of TV season finales...this send off from 30 Rock was absolutely hilarious:

* Yim Yames is playing with John Prine on Letterman tomorrow night. Don't miss that. Also, I think the Black Keys are playing on Letterman tonight.

* So I actually won tickets to Abbey Road on the River the other day! I won them on twitter via "Gotolouisville.com" which was awesome because I've never won anything like that in my life. However, they haven't gotten back to me to inform me how or where I get my tickets. If they don't give me my free tickets...I'll throw a tantrum.

* UofL's baseball team pulled off a weekend sweep at Notre Dame and won their 2nd consecutive Big East Championship. Pretty bad ass! Go Cards!

* The biggest news of today is that Ear X-Tacy is moving:
They're new location at the Douglas Loop won't be awful and it's certainly better than closing...but I'm still bummed out about this. I just worry that this is the beginning of the end for one of my favorite places on earth.

* Last but not least, I leave you with a super awesome Nike commercial to get you pumped up for the World Cup!

Just over two weeks away gang! USA USA USA!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Picture of the Day: This is how I'll always remember Ear X-Tacy:
Song of the Day: The Roots ft. Yim Yames - Dear God (2.0)

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