Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits...

Not at the table, Carlos...

* It's a super awesome day to be a music fan! Two of my favorite bands, The Black Keys and Band of Horses released albums today.
I bought them both at lunch today and after giving them a spin for the first time...I like what I'm hearing. Also, the Black Keys' album changes colors when you play it!

* Also out today, an album by LCD Soundsystem and an album by Damien Marley & Nas. Let me know if anyone has heard either of those.

* Next Wednesday Yim Yames and John Prine will appear on the David Letterman show together! They're appearing to promote a new Prine tribute album that includes, MMJ, The Avetts, Bright Eyes, Bon Iver and more. I'm going to buy that album.

* I'm totally rooting for the Suns in the NBA playoffs...but it's not looking so good after game 1. Kobe is awesome...there's nothing else to say.

* My old buds Chris and Tom are in town for a little while. We're headed out to the UofL baseball game in a bit and I'm really looking forward to it. Haven't seen those guys in a while.

* 2 years ago today I graduated from Centre College. I'm still sad.

* NBC's Parenthood will officially return in the fall. This is great news because it is my favorite show on TV not named "Modern Family." Also, it's on tonight at 10...watch it.

* Here's a hilarious video of Paul Rudd that I saw on the Card Chronicle:

Paul Rudd is hilarious....I wish we were friends.

* Lastly, here's a new SportsCenter commercial to get us in the World Cup mood:

The World Cup is just around the corner...USA! USA! USA!

Have a great Tuesday folks!

Picture of the Day: Found this awesome pic of MMJ drummer Patrick Hallahan while browsing the "Morrison Hotel Gallery" recently. Patrick is a beast.
Song of the Day: Black Keys - Tighten Up

(That's the official video for that song...it's odd to say the least...but, funny still)

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