Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Back to Charleston...

Three days back at work and now I'm headed to the beach...again!

I'll be headed down to Charleston tomorrow morning for Taylor's graduation and then we're staying at the beach until next Thursday...yes.

I majorly excited and there are many reasons why...let's review.

1.) I get to see Taylor again.

2.) I'm spending a week at the beach!

3.) This is the last time I'll visit Taylor in Charleston...because she's moving home at the end of the month...wooo!

It's been a wild past 2 years, most of you know that since you've read the blog. Long distance relationships are what I like to call, "lame." However, while it sucked being away from Taylor for the majority of the past 24's turned out just fine. The time apart has allowed us to grow independently (to an extent) and set ourselves up for the future. Now she's coming home, we'll get married and the rest is all gravy...right?

I know they'll be more bumps along the way...but for now...I'm headed to South Carolina to celebrate the end of a long two years. What better way to cap it off then with a week on the beach!

As always, I'll do my best to keep in touch with you guys over the next week, but I won't make any promises...I may be too busy drinking beer on the beach.

Hasta Luego Ned!

Picture of the Day: Beach Bound
Song of the Day: Little Joy - Next Time Around

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