Monday, April 12, 2010

It's Go Time...

I had a pretty busy but relaxing weekend. Now, it's time to regroup because the next few weeks are going to be crazy. Let's take a look at what's going on...

In the next two weeks...
- 3 presentations
- 3 papers
- 3 exams
- Work 6 softball games
- Work 3 Lacrosse games
- Work the Football Spring Game

The two weeks after that get way more fun...
- Trip to Charleston for My Morning Jacket Concert
- Softball Starts
- Trip back to Charleston for Taylor's Graduation, plus some beach time
- Work the Big East Softball Championship
- Abbey Road on the River
- Seems like there is something else going on too...Oh yeah, Taylor Moves Home For Good!

So yeah, the next month and a half is super busy, but once the next two weeks of work are over...there's good times on the horizon!

Also, we opened our Volleyball season last night by winning 2 of 3. Get 'em Law Dogs!

Time to buckle down and get after it!

Song of the Day: Jakob Dylan - Lend A Hand

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