Thursday, April 08, 2010

Club Trillion...

Today I want to talk about the phenomenon that is Club Trillion.
Club trillion was started a couple years ago by three walk-on basketball players for Ohio State. They never played except for the final minute of blow out games. During that minute they would try to accomplish absolutely nothing. Therefore their box score would be a 1, for minutes played, and then a bunch of zeros...better known as the "trillion."

Club trillion also started a blog that consists of "life views from the end of the bench" and it is absolutely hilarious. As the years went on, two of the original members became more important players on the team, which left Mark Titus as the lone member.

Now some of you may have heard of Club Trillion and/or Mark Titus and that's probably because in the last two years he's become mega famous. In fact, in a recent poll the people of Columbus, OH were asked to pick their favorite OSU b-ball player and Titus almost beat Evan Turner...yes, player of the year, Evan Turner. Or maybe you heard of him when he tried to put his name in the NBA draft "early entry" list after last season and had the NBA deny his request because they claimed he was "mocking the system."

I had heard about Club Trillion a while ago, I started reading his blog and I follow him on twitter. However, I kinda lost track of the blog and such during the last year. Luckily, my brother sent me this video the other day:

Simply brilliant!

In the last few days I have started reading the blog posts he has written for the last few months. The guy is simply awesome. He is the first celebrity bench warmer ever!

I really suggest reading his blog here. It is 100% worth your time.

Also, if you want to buy a Club Trillion t-shirt and become part of the Trillion Man March, you can do so here. Some of the proceeds from the shirt sales go to helping kids with life threatening illnesses and some proceeds will also go to scholarship funds that Titus is setting up for future benchwarmers/walk-ons.
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