Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Tidbits...

Not as good as Tuesday Tidbits...but still enjoyable!

* One of my favorite things about a snow storm is seeing people drive their cars without properly clearing off their windows. I know that it sucks to brush all the snow off of your windshield, but it's awesome to be able to see. I saw a guy driving today that only had about a 12 inch box cleared on his windshield. All his other windows and his back windshield were still covered with snow, though. I feel like he probably got in a wreck.

* Ear X-Tacy is holding a press conference on Friday to address the fact that they might have to close their doors. The bad economy and the crappy music industry apparently have taken a toll on the store and they're not sure how much longer they can continue. Let it be known that if Ear X-tacy closes, I'm going on the bender of a lifetime. For now, join the "Save Ear X-Tacy" group on Facebook and stop buying music off i-Tunes.

* We didn't really get to talk about it...but how awesome was that Super Bowl? It was an outstanding game and I was really happy the Saints won. The on-side kick was awesome. Way to go NFL, good postseason. College Football...take note.

* I thought the commercials were alright. I liked the Doritos kid, the Bud Light auto-tune and the Lebron and Dwight Howard McD's commercial. The others were just so-so.

* New Modern Family tonight. Seriously, it's the best show on TV.

* Speaking of good shows, I spent a good portion of my day watching the West Wing yesterday. I've always wanted to get into that show, but you have to pay close attention and the episodes are an hour long. I watched about 5 yesterday and I'm hooked. More tonight!

* UNC and Duke play tonight. I'm not wild on this rivalry and I dislike both teams...a lot. Still, it's usually fun to watch. Nolan Smith is one of my favorite non-UofL players.

I'm off to Charleston tomorrow. I hope you guys have a good Valentine's day! I'll be busy having fun with Taylor so I won't have time to blog. If you have withdraws you can follow my Twitter.

Have a good 'un.

Song of the Day: The Beatles - All You Need Is Love

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