Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits...

Can I kick it? Yes I can...

* Happy Fat Tuesday everyone! Hope you guys are knee deep in gumbo, king cake, beads, red beans and rice, etc. I don't have anything super Mardi Gras-ish going on tonight...but it's still fun. Live it up people.

* I did buy the new Preservation Hall Jazz Band album today. I guess that's kinda Mardi Gras related. It's pretty cool.

* I also got the new Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore album. I've only heard it a bit, but I like what I'm hearing. They'll be playing for free at Ear X-Tacy tonight at 6. I have class and can't go...I'm pissed.

* Speaking of Ear X-Tacy. My Morning Jacket is offering their recent live EP 'Celebracion De La Ciudad Natal' for $4.99 with all proceeds going to help Ear X-Tacy. You can buy the album at Ear X-Tacy's digital store. Here's more info. It's only 5 bucks, you get some bangin' MMJ in return and you help out Ear X-Tacy. Just buy it already.

* The snow days in the past two weeks have thrown my schedule for a complete loop and as a result...ruined any motivation I might normally have. I am not happy about going to class later. I wasn't super pumped about coming to work, but then I got here and there were donuts...so it was all good. If there aren't donuts in class tonight...I'm gonna throw a fit.

* The "Truman Show" was on TBS over the weekend and Taylor and I watched a bit of it. I forgot how wonderful it is. If it weren't for Dumb and Dumber, The Truman Show would be Jim Carey's best movie by far.

* What is this Google Buzz shizz? I keep getting buzz updates on my g-mail and I'm not really sure what they are. Is it like Facebook for g-mail? I don't understand what the kids are into these days.

* Not doing anything this weekend? Come check out the UofL women's lacrosse team! Woo-hoo! They play Friday and Saturday. I'll be there, helping run the video board and making sure things run smoothly and such. It's gonna be awesome...you should come.

* I'm sick of walking in snow.

* Paste has a cool list of the best Nike commercials ever. Check it out.

* I have a project due on Thursday and I'm really letting it stress me out. It's not super hard, but it's a bit unclear and it's...blah. I always hate the first assignment in a class because it's hard to tell how a teacher is gonna grade, what kind of stuff they look for, etc. Hopefully, I'll get a good grade and we can just move on. I just wish it was finished.

That's all for today kids. I'll try to do better next time. Goodnight Canada.

Song of the Day: Preservation Hall Jazz Bad w/ Tom Waits - Tootie Ma Was A Big Fine Thing

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