Wednesday, February 17, 2010

School Project...

I have a project due tomorrow in my financial aspects of sports class. The project: take a sports related company and give a thorough analysis of the company's finances by including the proper financial ratios, short-term and long-term outlooks and any other important data. The problem... I don't know what that means. We haven't gone too in-depth in this class and after talking to other students, I realized I wasn't alone in sweating this project a bit.

I always get nervous when I have to turn something in for the first time in a class. What exactly is the teacher looking for? What kind of grader are they? Did I follow the prompt correctly? It all just eats at me until I get my grade.

Nevertheless, I picked Dick Sporting Goods as my company. I went online and obtained their financial records and I was well on my way....kind of.

You see, I could read the numbers on the company balance sheet and income statement, but I was still unsure if Dick's numbers were good, bad, etc. Nevertheless, I stayed up until about 2:30 last night calculating the proper ratios and crunching some data. Still, I woke up this morning a little overwhelmed by the fact that I hadn't put any of this data on paper and I was still unsure how to thoroughly analyze a company's financial statement.

I talked to my dad this morning about it and he gave me some knowledge that helped quite a bit. Explained some basic terms, said what he thought were the most important aspects, etc. Then as I started to get a grip on the whole thing...the real kicker occurred...I got an e-mail from my teacher saying that the project should be about 3-4 pages typed...double spaced! Are you kidding? I honestly thought this was going to be like a 10 page jobber. The 2008 annual report for Dick's Sporting Goods is 80 pages and I just have to report the most important 3-4 double spaced pages worth? That's not so all.

I've already got an outline and I've got the data so I should be able to go home and knock this thing out. It's still going to be difficult, but it's not nearly as difficult as I thought it was going to be. So, basically I freaked myself out over something that really shouldn't have freaked me out so badly. Hopefully, I'll get it finished and get a good grade and the class will be off to a great start.

Anyway, I'm an idiot.

Also, I just scored a ticket from Taylor's mom to the UofL game tonight! Sweet! We play Notre Dame and their All-American Luke Harangody was supposed to be out with a knee injury, although now it looks like he's going to play. I'm willing to bet someone informed him that Earl Clark no longer plays for the Cards and Harangody got to feeling better real quick. Can you blame him?
Right at the Crew-Cut!!!
Go Cards!

Song of the Day: Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore - Dear Companion

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