Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday thoughts...

I'm back from an outstanding weekend in Charleston with Taylor. Here's some thoughts for today.

1.) I really had a great weekend with Taylor. Friday it snowed in Charleston for the first time since 1989. We went to the beach and it was crazy awesome! Saturday we went to the SC Aquarium where I discovered that the River Otter is my favorite animal (because it looks like they have mustaches), had a wonderful dinner at a fancy restaurant and then watched the Cards win a big one on Sunday. It always sucks to leave her, but with each visit, it becomes more and more real that she'll be home soon!

2.) The Olympics are on! While I haven't seen much of them yet...I'm getting into them tonight.

3.) Got another snow day today. It's really crazy. Centre didn't have snow days, but I've already had 3 at's nuts.

4.) I have a UofL duffle bag and on my plane home yesterday an older lady asked me, "Do you play a sport for UofL?" I told her, "No, but I go to grad school and work in the athletic department." She then proceeded to thank me for all of my hard work and told me what a huge fan she is and how much she loves the Cards. It was awesome.

5.) Go buy things from Ear X-Tacy. Everyone will benefit from it.

6.) How awesome was this?

I don't understand this team, but they fought hard and deserved the hell out of this win. The next month should be interesting!

7.) Gin is officially my 2nd favorite liquor behind bourbon.

8.) The West Wing is awesome. I've been using my snow days to watch season 1 on DVD and I'm hooked. My mom and Ben have always been into this show, I should have joined earlier.

9.) I have a project due on Thursday...ugh.

10.) A big LoB congrats to good friends Matt and Leigh who got engaged over the weekend. Way to go kids, welcome to the club!

Let's make this a good week.

Song of the Day: Flying Burrito Brothers - Hot Burrito #2

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