Monday, February 01, 2010

College Basketball...

Alright, let's not bullcrap each other here...this college basketball season has sucked. Well, at least for me it has. Everyone knows that I love watching my Cardinals and I take my fanship (word) very seriously. However, in this season where the Cards can't seem to catch a break, something needs to change.

Last year our team was great. We had an amazing year that was full of big wins, Big East Championships and excitement. It's no coincidence that last year my full attention was on the Cards. I never missed a game, I attended every home game, I had my gameday wardrobe set...basically, I had things under control.

However, we also remember how last year ended and how crushed I was. I mean I'm still not over that loss to Michigan St.

That's why I'm here today taking full blame for the Cardinals' season so far. Basically, between getting engaged, starting grad school and trying to get involved with the athletic department, I've neglected my Cards somewhat. Now, I realize it's good for my health and well being to focus on those things more, but that's not the point. I'm not here today to say that I'm going to stop pursuing my career or going to school. I'm just going to say that I need to do a better job of being a fan. Too often I've been easily frustrated with this team and I've had a short temper or unrealistic goals when it comes to certain players or games. Also, I've been a little shy about getting too involved with the team because of how badly the end of last season hurt me. Basically, I just want to tell the basketball Cardinals....My bad.

Here's the good's not too late. Sure the Cards have dug themselves a hole and they need to fight hard to make the tournament...but it's not impossible. With games against UCONN (twice), Georgetown, Syracuse (twice) and @Marquette we can still make a run at this thing. Plus, unlike college football, as long as you're in the tournament...anything can happen.

Now then, it's a new month and in my mind a new season. The Cards need to win 7 out of their remaining 11 games to put themselves in a good position for the tourney. They can do it and I'm gonna do my best to help. It all starts tonight when UCONN comes to Freedom Hall for a Big Monday game. We need this win!
Please bring a smile back to my face, gang! Let's go Cards!

Song of the Day: Kenny Loggins - This Is It

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