Friday, February 05, 2010

10 Things I Like and Dislike These Days...

Haven't done this in a while...

*LIKE: Modern Family. This show continues to be the funniest 30mins of tv each week. I keep waiting for them to have a bad episode or for a character or two to get worn out...but it's not happening. It's just a really funny show.

* DISLIKE: College Basketball. This season has just been crappy. There are no elite teams, just some pretty good teams and then a lot of mediocre teams. Referees have dominated far too many headlines. There's too much talk about expanding the tournament. Recruiting is becoming disgusting. It's just sucky. College Basketball is the best sport...people would stop trying to change it.

* LIKE: MacBooks. So I've had my computer for just over a week and I really love it. I don't want to beat a dead horse or brag or anything...but it's just an awesome computer. It's worth the extra money.

* DISLIKE: The Weather. Normally I like cloudy, rainy days...but it's cold and we keep getting an annoying amount of snowfall. If it's gonna snow, that's cool...bring it. But a "dusting to 2 inches" is just annoying. I'm ready for Derby.

* LIKE: Taylor's teaching ability. Taylor had to teach a class by herself today and she was a little anxious about having to do it. Naturally, she did very well and the kids really participated. That's my lady!

* DISLIKE: ESPN's Superbowl coverage. I get it, it's a big game. Peyton Manning is good, New Orleans could use something to cheer about. Please just play the game already.

* LIKE: BoomBozz Tap House. Yeah, I bashed it when it first opened and deserved it. However, the people at BoomBozz have done a great job listening to their critics and making some important changes. They now have a better, craftier, local brew selection. They have better happy hour prices and they have cool new menu the Hot Brown Pizza. Needless to say, I'm impressed and I'm going to have to give them another shot.

* DISLIKE: Lack of UofL Tickets. Last year I went to every UofL home game. This year, I have not. It makes me super sad, especially since there are only 4 more games at Freedom Hall. So, if anyone has any extra tickets. You know where to find me.

* LIKE: Twangy Music. Ever since I saw "Crazy Heart" I've been on a real twangy music kick. Lots of John Prine, Johnny Cash, The Jayhawks, The Band, etc. I suppose you could classify this music as "Country" but ever since the "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" song I've made it a life long goal to never refer to any music I like as country. Still, I'm enjoying the twang.

* DISLIKE: Friday afternoons. I swear the hours from 1-5 on Friday afternoon last 4x as long as normal hours. Ugh. It's always the longest part of the week. Oh well, almost home now.

Have a good weekend!

Song of the Day: John Prine - Glory of True Love

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