Wednesday, November 04, 2009


For a really long time I told myself that Twitter was stupid. I honestly thought it was the dumbest thing I had ever heard of. I mean honestly, who cares what other people are doing and why should anyone care what you're doing? As it turns out...I care what other people are doing and I think Twitter is awesome.

That's why I'm telling you guys today...that I'm officially twittering. (I know the kids call it "tweeting" but that's really dumb. I'm not a "tweeter" I'm a "twitterer"). So yeah here is a link to my twitter page.


Now then, I'm aware that there are a lot of people out there who think Twitter is stupid. Well here are five reasons that I like twitter.

1.) It's basically like people watching without having to do much work. I can just click on this webpage and I get to learn how people are spending their days. Where are they eating? What music are they listening to? Are they watching the game? All of that stuff can be found out on Twitter. Don't act like you don't care.

2.) It is a source for good info. As twitter gets bigger and bigger, more and more people are using it...including musicians, bands, athletes, celebrities, newspapers, etc. For instance, I follow ESPN writer Pat Forde, so now instead of having to navigate all through ESPN's website to see if there is any new college b-ball info...I just go to twitter and he posts links to new stories and such. It's pretty cool.

3.) It allows you to talk to high profile people. Now, I'm not one for celebrity gossip...but often T-Will, Earl Clark, Chad Ochocinco, Shaq, etc. will take some time to interact with fans. You can send them a question and they'll answer it. Also, T-Will gives out autographed jerseys and Ochocinco is constantly giving things away to fans. In fact, a couple weeks ago after a big Bengals win Ochocinco posted that he was going to the movies, he then gave the name of the theater and the time of the movie he was going to see and then said he would buy tickets to the movie and popcorn and soft drinks for as many fans that could fit in the theatre. It's kinda lame, which is why I haven't asked any celebs any questions...but it's insanely cool at the same time.

4.) It's basically just like a bunch of status updates on Facebook. I don't know about you guys, but I love reading people's status updates on Facebook. However, Facebook insists on ruining things by having Farming games, personality quizzes and other stuff on there. Twitter cuts all that crap out and just let's you know what everyone is up to.

5.) T-Will, Stephen Colbert, Shaq, Steve Nash, Rainn Wilson, Jim Gaffigan and Myself all use it...what's not to like about that?

So yeah, feel free to follow me/read my updates/kindly stalk me from a far...because I've jumped on the Twitter bandwagon big time.

Have a great day!

Song of the Day - Belle and Sebastian - Piazza, New York Catcher.

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