Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

Duh na na, Duh na na...


* I'm not sure if you guys are aware but since last night at midnight ESPN has been showing live college basketball games and they will continue until tonight at midnight! UCLA already lost in 2OT, Michigan St. vs. Gonzaga and Memphis vs. Kansas still to come. It's simply amazing!

* Oh yeah, these guys play tonight:
7:30 on ESPN2. GO CARDS!

* On another basketball note, people keep asking me what I think about UK's buzzer beating win last night. Honestly, I'd love to just say no comment and stay focused on the Cards...but I'll give you guys something. It is not and should not be shocking to anyone that a group of Freshman and Patrick Patterson struggled with a new coach, new defense and new offense...it's college basketball...it happens. Now Cardinal fans, keep your yappers shut because UK is talented this year and probably will have a very fine season. However, Cat fans...why don't you stop talking about undefeated seasons and national championships for a little while because here's the truth...UK has done next to nothing for the past 5 years. You're going to be better then you have been in a long time...but maybe try waiting until you win a significant game before acting as if you could beat the 1997 Chicago Bulls. UofL will be good this year, UK will be good this year...it's an exciting time for the rivalry...but let's just stay out of each others business until January 2nd...sound good?

*On a lighter note, did anyone watch that Monday Night Football game last night? Man, if there was ever a game that needed a heroic Wave...that was it.

* The CrapBags suck.

* The Juwanna Men lost 2-1 last week, losing in points and rebounds, but winning in assists (we like to help!). Hopefully, new Juwanna Man, Mo Williams, will help with the scoring this week.

* Taylor comes home for Thanksgiving break one week from today! Woo! I'm muy excited.

* It's like 50 degrees and rainy in Louisville right now. It's da best.

* When I realized that Bill Bilicheck (Beeel Beeeeeelicheck) was going for it on 4th down the other night, I was pissed for one reason...I knew that if they missed I would have to listen to washed up NFL players and idiotic sports analysts talk about how dumb the decision was. Here's the real kicker...I liked the call. Bilicheck is a winner and his superbowl rings speak for themselves (So eat it Trent Dilfer). People whining that the Pats defense should have their feelings hurt need to grow up. It's the NFL, feelings don't get hurt. Anyway, I've always like Bilicheck...now if I could just figure out "how to reach these keeeeeeeds"

* I've just been talking about sports through the tidbits today in an effort to cover up the fact that I thought it was Wednesday until about an hour ago. Needless to say, my tidbits are lame today. I'm sorry...blame college basketball!

Have a good day today!

Song of the Day: Jay-Z - Public Service Announcement

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