Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Facts

It's Friday..woo!

1.) I just finished my FAFSA form for Grad School and it was the opposite of fun. They ask you ridiculous long/wordy questions. Regardless, check it off the list.

2.) The Cards have three games in three days starting Saturday. Should be a good measuring stick of our fitness...but the opponents aren't that grand.

3.) Taylor comes home in 4 days. She's pretty busy from now until then so I'm not sure how much she's focusing on coming home...but I am pretty pumped about it.

4.) Christmas time is here. If you haven't hummed Jingle Bells or put up a Christmas decoration...this weekend is the time to start. Christmas is only 35 days away. Make sure you enjoy every second of it.

5.) I don't really have anything too exciting going on this weekend. I'll probably end up cleaning my apartment tonight, pretty sad, huh? The saddest part is that I'm really excited about it.

6.) Starting Monday and continuing through December, the song of the day will be a Christmas song. Feel free to send recommendations.

7.) I'm not happy with the results of Project Runway. Luckily, the new season starts in January.

8.) The Ear X-Tacy Holiday Gift Guide is out. Color me excited.

9.) I need to get my oil changed. Someone try to remind me of that next week, please.

10.) I still haven't seen the Office from last night. Keep the info to yourself until I tell you it's ok.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Song of the Weekend: Cake - Opera Singer

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