Thursday, November 19, 2009

10 Things I Like and Dislike These Days...

Haven't done this in a while...I'm feeling lots of likes.

* LIKE: CHRISTMAS. I'm getting in the mood, people! As you can see, I've decorated the blog for the holidays. I've put up the tree in my room and I plan on decorating the rest of my apartment this weekend. Also, I'm buying this cd soon...

* DISLIKE: FANTASY SPORTS. It's been well documented that The CrapBags are having a bit of an off year...but now it seems the JuwannaMen are headed a bit south too. I mean we're losing to Lautaro for crying out loud! Hopefully it gets better.

* LIKE: GRAD SCHOOL. Did I mention that I got into grad school? It's totally awesome. I registered for classes today and it looks like I'll be in class from 4:30-7:00 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I'm jacked.

* LIKE: CHILI. I made a pot of chili last night and used hot everything...including cheese. I overcooked the meat a bit, but overall it was outstanding! However, it was really friggin' hot. I like spicy things, but this bad boy was on fire!

* DISLIKE: FACEBOOK. What are they doing? It's so junked up now. I don't care what the chick I went to grade school with scored on her "Which Twilight Character Am I?" quiz, I just want to look at pictures of her trip to St. Louis without anyone knowing! Seriously,'re making it hard for us all to be creepy.

* LIKE: TWITTER. The more I use Twitter...the more I like it. I wish more of my friends used it...because it's sweet.

* LIKE: END OF THE YEAR/DECADE "BEST OF" LISTS. I'm not really sure why...but I've always loved these things. It's so fun to look back at the year and remember what happened. The whole end of the decade thing is blowing my mind. Paste magazine continues to have awesome lists everyday.

* DISLIKE: DICK VITALE. I know his whole gig is to be this wacky, animated guy...but just give it a rest. His knowledge of the game is really slipping and he rarely, if ever, says things that are actually helpful. Stop talking about the Yankees, stop talking about Kenny Chesney, Stop talking about teams that aren't playing...just tell me about what's happening on the giant basketball court 3 feet from your face.

* LIKE: THE WEATHER. It's cold, it's cloudy, it's magical.

* LIKE: THIS VIDEO. It's basketball season. GO CARDS!

Have a great day gang.

Song of the Day: Ben Folds Five - Fair


Wilhelm von Rall said...

Can I ask why you're friends with a second grader?

Brian said...

A girl I went to second grade with...

...I changed it to avoid any confusion/legal problems.