Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My First High School Dance...

The other day, one of the secretaries at work was asking me about high school dances because her son was going to his very first one. She was worried that he was going to be awkward with his date and that he wouldn't have any fun. I assured her that he would be totally awkward and only have a little fun...that's what high school dances are for (especially Freshman year). However, while we were talking about this I started thinking back to my first high school dance (one of only af ew that I attended). I went with a friend of a friend's date. My friend was crushing hardcore on this girl and being a good friend I decided I'd take her friend and we could all go together. I had met this girl several times before and she was very nice. However, it all went down hill as soon as we picked the girls up.

I had expected the night to be awkward. Not only had I never really been on a date before, but also I had a feeling this girl was way more into me then I was her (bow-chicka-bow-wow). Anyway, my friend and I pulled into the girl's drive way and as we exited his mom's mini-van we walked up to the door to get our dates. (Side Note*** I was wearing a three piece khaki suit because I was the shizz) Anyway, the girl's mom answers the door and invites my friend and me in. She then says, the girls are can go get them from her room. Alright, no big deal, right? Wrong. My buddy and I walk upstairs to her bedroom and when we come in we notice how nice the girls look...and then I noticed the gigantic bulletin board hanging above the girl's bed that was covered with 100s of pieces of paper that read:

"I love Brian"

" (Girl's Name) + Brian = 4 eva!"

and the real kicker...

"Mrs. Brian U'Sellis"

WOW! CREEPSTER ALERT! I was terrified. Absolutely scared for my life. I made some lame/uncomfortable joke about it and she giggled a bit. But, needless to say the rest of the night was full of her trying to be my girlfriend and me acting "cool" and trying to get it across that it wasn't gonna happen.

I felt bad about it...I did. She was very nice and she wasn't bad looking or anything...I was just trying to do my buddy a favor by kinda being his wing man, I wasn't trying to get married.

Yikes! Anyway, I was just reminded of that story today and I thought I'd share it with you guys. I think if there are any lessons to be learned today, it's these...

1.) High school dances are awkward and terrifying, especially freshman year.
2.) If you wear a khaki 3-piece suit...expect girls to want to marry you...they can't resist.

Oh, those were the days.

Song of the Day: Avett Brothers - Tin Man
Beer of the Day: Schlafly - Pumpkin Ale

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